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Network Audio Player v2 Released.

Today Version 2 of our android app, Network Audio Player, was released. This major update introduces a host of new features including streaming across the Local Network and a skinnable interface. The update is available through the android marketplace or through the product page.

Product Description:
Network Audio Player is a skinnable ad supported music player, featuring integrated local networking. Allowing users to connect to their home network over a Wifi connection and stream or download music straight to their phone. Network files can be renamed, deleted and login details can be saved for quick access at a later date. The program also features a file browser, which can unzip, rename and delete local files. The application supports the following audio formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, and mid.

List of Changes in the Update:
-Stream songs across the Local Network.
-Unzip, rename, and delete local files.
-Rename and delete remote files.
-Browse all remote files or just compatible songs.
-Change Playlist Streaming Addresses and Logins.
-Numerous Other Tweaks.

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