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L/R File Browser for Android Launched.

L/R File Browser is a feature rich Android File Browser for Local and Network files. It can upload and download files over a Wifi connection and the Local Area Network, and resume failed transfers. Network files can be renamed, deleted, moved and usernames and passwords can be stored for quick access. Local files can be zipped/unzipped, searched, renamed, deleted, moved, copied, viewed, new folders created and apps can be installed/uninstalled. The App can be found here, on the Android Marketplace.

Key Features:
-Browse Shared Networks Files & Folders over WiFi.
-Download and Upload files. Resume or Overwrite Transfers.
-Delete, Rename and Move Network Files. Make New Folders
-Browse Local Files on the SD Card.
-Search, Rename, Delete, Copy, and Move Local Files. Make New Folders
-Install & Uninstall .apk files.
-Unzip and Zip Files with variable compression levels.
-Skinnable Interface

System Requirements
-Android Device Running version 1.5-3.0

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