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Updated Network Audio Player.

A major update for Network Audio Player, or NAP, has been released. This new version introduces a host of new features and fixes, the most significant being FTP support and Synchronization. This means songs can now be streamed over the internet using FTP. This feature functions the same way the existing LAN client does, so files can be downloaded/deleted/renamed. While Synchronization allows users to schedule the automatic downloading or addition of remote directories, whether they be on FTP or LAN servers, to their device or current playlist. Full details can be found in the readme.

Detailed Change Log:
-Added FTP support for streaming songs over the internet or local network using a Wifi or Mobile connection.
-FTP client supports similar features to the existing LAN client: Navigate/download/delete/rename.
-FTP client includes an option to enable internet access over a Mobile Connection. This is disabled by default due to potential data cost.
-Added a Synchronization mechanism for downloading and/or adding songs in remote FTP or LAN directories to the current playlist.
-Synchronization can be scheduled to run daily or weekly for multiple remote directories. The App will wake your device and attempt to connect to a network, if one is not available.
-Added Equalizer for supported devices.
-Added D-Pad & Volume controls and Media Button support.
-Screen Orientation can now be controlled.
-LAN discovery now checks three common IP addresses specifically for shared files:,,
-Downloading a song now changes any streaming version in the current playlist to the new local version.

Bug Fixes:
-App no longer starts when headphones are removed.
-Launching the App to play downloaded songs on Nexus 4 now works correctly.
-Fixed the current song's position not being saved on exit.
-Fixed the current song not being updated when a streaming song is permanently saved.

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