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NAP Update Released.

NAP v3.3 is now available through the Google Play Store and product page. This version brings with it Year & Genre Playlist Navigation, improved album artwork retrieval, tag retrieval for network songs, and several bug fixes. The full list of changes is as follows:

-When adding network songs now attempts to retrieve tags.
-Added Genre and Year playlist navigation modes.
-Improved Album Artwork retrieval.
-Various Tweaks to Streaming Songs.
-Added Shotcut item for options menus & transfer icon to Activity Bar.
-Replaced Transfer Dialog with Transfer Activity.
-Asks to stop song playback when using Close NAP buttons.
-User Disconnecting FTP Server while downloading will now cause disconnect after downloads finished.
-LAN & FTP Downloads can be now added one after the other.
-Updated Skin Files with new elements.
-Fixed: Chromecast not working on Android KitKat.
-Fixed: Bug with .ogg streaming.
-Fixed: Options menu & playlist not refreshing under some circumstances.
-Fixed: Corrected Genre tag retrieval.
-Fixed: Repeat Artist Songs not moving to next song when in album navigation with single song.
-Fixed: Removed LG Button for KitKat onwards.
-Fixed: List's Selection Indexer not updating on KitKat.

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