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L/R File Browser Release.

A major update to L/R File Browser is now available through the Google Play Store and product page. This update drops support for Android versions prior to 2.3, due to new Google Play Ad Library requirements. A legacy version of L/R File Browser (v1.7) that works with previous versions of Android is available via this product page.

The list of changes in v2.0 is as follows:
-Majorly Revised Interface. Replaced Transfer Dialog with Transfer Activity.
-Removed Pausing/Resuming LAN Transfers.
-Added Local & Network toolbars for common operations such as delete and view.
-Changed Server Profiles to Network Favourites.
-Added LAN Options for LAN Authentication Method.
-Added the ability to download/upload without the interface running.
-User Disconnecting the FTP Server while transferring will now cause disconnect after transferring has finished.
-LAN & FTP Downloads can be now added one after the other.
-Added Upload/Download status to notification area.
-Various Tweaks and Fixes.

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