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NAP Minor Update.

A minor update for NAP & NAP Pro is now available through the Google Play Store and product page. This update
mostly fixes bugs but also adds Web Browser Bookmarks and User History for the Pro version.

List of Changes:
-Fixed a bug with Streaming Songs that caused them to buffer forever in certain specific circumstances.
-Fixed a bug with the Playlist listview not restoring scroll position on KitKat+.
-Fixed several bugs involving transfers.
-Added Bookmarks, User History, and Download Web Page to Web Browser.
-Fixed search Webpage and Help not working on KitKat.
-Corrected the Web Browser's relative URL construction for 'Add Songs' and 'Download Songs'.
-Album Artwork Dialog now scales album art to fill image view.
-Added FTP Read Timeout and changed the way FTP navigation while downloading is handled.
-Added Allow Mobile Data Use option to Network Options.
-Increased Streaming Songs starting buffer to 512kb.

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