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HDD Monitor Update Released.

A new version of Stellarworks HDD Monitor has been released. Version 1.1 includes several new features, such as Temperature Monitoring and Device Identity interpretation:

-HDD selection now remains visible when focus lost.
-Temperature added to Main GUI.
-Error Log support added for Alternate Access Method.
-Device Identity Interpreted and displayed via a new Tab.
-Added Status Flag column to SMART Attribute datagrid.
-Added Temperature monitoring with email alert.
-Added Temperature monitoring settings to Options under a Monitoring Tab.
-Removed unintended padding around SMART tab datagrid.
-Added Smart Data Structure Checksum/verification.
-Tightened ATA Smart Detection due to instances where drivers return bogus status information. Strangely, they may return correct Smart Attribute Data but for now this will be ignored.
-Added Reset Alert History to HDD Context Menu.

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Stellarworks® 2011-15