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HDD Monitor Update Released.

HDD Monitor Version 1.2 has been released and is available for download. This version introduces System Maintenance, expanded Monitoring Capabilities, a Temperature Graph, as well as many other fixes and additions. Baring any major bugs, the next version will be some months away.

v1.2 Changes:
-Added Temperature Line Graph.
-Added Maintenance Functionality - Check Disk, Defrag, and Disk Cleanup.
-Added Reallocated Sector Count Monitoring.
-Added Uncorrectable Sector Count Monitoring.
-Added Free Space Monitoring.
-Corrected Device Identity numbers.
-Fixed corrupted icons.
-Added increased SMART support via WMI.
-Added increased SMART support via ATA Passthrough.
-Added a new Device Identity interface and Filter setting to the Options menu.
-Added Manufacturer name to Device Identity.
-Added Maintenance Tab to Options.
-Fixed a Display bug with Temperature Overlays.
-Added compatibility check/warning for ManagementEvents. Previously the program would exit if this component was missing.
-Added compatibility check for WMI.
-Added font substitution for Arial Regular.

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