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Enhanced Copy
v1.20 | 27-6-2014 | License | Free | 

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"...astonishing and incredibly handy..."

Enhanced Copy at Softpedia
This handy utility integrates into Windows Explorer and provides vastly improved Copy and Paste functionality. It allows Copy and Paste operations to be paused and resumed at will, and even resumed after your computer restarts through Saved Transfer lists. The program also offers an expanded range of options when source and destination files clash: Resume, Overwrite, Keep Larger, and Keep Newer.

Key Features:
-Integrates into Windows Explorer
-Pause and Resume Transfers at Will.
-Save Transfer Lists and Resume Later.
-More Replace/Overwrite File Options.
-View Pending and Current Transfers

System Requirements:
-.Net Framework 4.0
-Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

ABN 16685017405
Stellarworks® 2010-15