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L/R File Browser
v2.02 | 1-4-2015 | License | Free | 

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L/R File Browser is a feature rich ad supported File Explorer for Local SD card files, Local Area Network files and FTP files. It can upload and download files over a Wifi/Internet connection and LAN/FTP, and resume failed transfers. Network files can be renamed, deleted, moved and usernames and passwords can be stored for quick access. Local SD card files can be zipped/unzipped, searched, renamed, deleted, moved, copied, viewed, and new folders created. Text Files (ASCII, UTF8 or UTF16) can also be created and edited with the Simple Text Editor that is included with this App.

Key Features:
-Browse Shared Networks Files & Folders over WiFi.
-Browse FTP servers over the Internet or Local Network.
-Browse Local Files on the SD Card.
-Download and Upload files. Resume or Overwrite Existing Transfers.
-Delete, Rename and Move Local or Network Files.
-Search and Copy Local Files.
-Unzip and Zip Files with variable compression levels.
-Includes a Text Editor with ASCII/UTF8/UTF16 support.

System Requirements:
-Android Device Running version 2.3-5.0+

ABN 16685017405
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