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Network Audio Player Pro (NAP Pro)
v3.33 | 5-5-2015 | License

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$4.50 AUD

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NAP Pro is an Ad free version of the NAP music player that also includes: HTTP Streaming/Downloading, a Web Browser, background downloading and transfer resuming. Like the Ad supported version, NAP Pro features an integrated local network client, an FTP client and Chromecast support. Allowing users to connect to their home network, over a Wifi or mobile connection, and stream or download music straight to their mobile device, or stream music to their TV using Chromecast. Network files can be renamed, deleted and login details can be saved for quick access at a later date. The program also features a file browser which can unzip, rename and delete local files. The application supports the following audio formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, flac (Android 3.1+) and mid.

Key Features:
-Ad Free.
-Stream songs over the Local Network using shared files or over the Internet using FTP or HTTP.
-Chromecast Support (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav). Stream your device songs or network songs to your TV.
-Navigate Playlists by Artist/Album/Genre/Year/File Order/Alphabetical Order.
-Browse the Local Area Network (LAN) for Shared Files and Folders.
-Browse FTP servers over the Internet or Local Network.
-Browse Websites using an inbuilt Web Browser that makes it easier to add & download songs.
-Synchronize playlists with remote network folders.
-Supports mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, flac (Android 3.1+) and mid audio files.
-Features an Equalizer & Visualizer on supported devices.
-Unzip, rename, and delete Local Files with a File Browser.
-Download, rename and delete Network Files.
-Store Network Usernames, Passwords and IP addresses for quick access.
-Save, Load and Filter Playlists.
-Widget with Player Controls.
-Skinnable Interface.

System Requirements:
-Android Device Running version 2.3-4.4+

ABN 16685017405
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